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What is Occupational Therapy

People often think occupational therapy is related to occupations or only office work as the name is occupational therapy. The term “occupations” refers to all the daily activity that are necessary for normal functioning, and it can also include brushing hair and teeth, tying shoes, and self feeding. These are known as “occupations”. If anyone who begins to lose the ability to go about these daily activities will be affected tremendously. The job of occupational therapist is to help in regain their ability so that they can able to do their normal functioning.

In the ancient time occupational therapy was prescribed to those who had mental imbalance. In this therapy massage, baths, conversation and travel to the some extent to be done. Today the occupational therapies are used to cure wide range medical situations. It can be used for both kind of patients whether physical or mental. People with paralysis of the entire body or some parts of the body are sometimes given therapeutic baths and massages with oils and condiments that are good for the particular kind of paralysis.

Occupational Therapy is helpful for the patients range the gamut from children who are having trouble developing certain motor skills up to seniors who are trying to regain the fine control they had when they were younger. Some people believed that their physical and other kind of illnesses or medical situations would be cured only by occupational therapy, while some believed that these methods were a ruse, while some others rightly believed that Occupational therapies, along with the proper support of medicine, can lead to progress in the cure of the illness or medical situation.

For example, if a person has met with an accident and has lost the motor sensation of their limbs, they may undergo the occupational therapy of walking on support to ensure that they do not completely forget the aspect of walking. You may also encounter people who have lost their motor skills due to various accidents, trauma, or injuries. People with paralysis of the entire body or some parts of the body are sometimes given therapeutic baths and massages with oils and condiments that are good for the particular kind of paralysis.

An occupational therapist can even help picking out the right equipment, such as a cane or wheelchair that would help the patient maximize their potential. Occupational therapy focuses on removing mental disorder of working as well as non professionals. It is the most successful method of eliminating stress and tensions that is much needed to increase efficiency of people while working.

Acupuncture An Ancient Technique For Beauty And Health

Acupuncture is one of the ancient techniques that help in curing many chronic illnesses. It originated in china and today has become one of the different ways of curing diseases. In this patients are manipulated by thin, solid needles that are inserted into acupuncture points in the skin. It is often said that beauty is skin deep. It is said so because this technique is nowadays used for cosmetic advantages. Since it has rejuvenating effects on skin it is highly recommended and practiced in many beauty clinics all over the world. Thin sterilized needles are inserted into the face and on the body to help balance and regulate the body’s energy. Physiologically, the needles help to arouse the production of collagen by fibroblast cells. This helps reduce fine lines, colour, tone and wrinkles. It is also beneficial when it comes to sagging skin and puffiness.

The biggest advantage of this technique is that it helps in acquiring natural health and beauty. Nothing is artificially used in this therapy and it gives wonderful results within some sittings. There are additional benefits which include, improved circulation, energy, sleep, digestion, and many other health benefits when the body is balanced. There is a no. of chronic diseases like respiratory, digestive, neurological, cardiovascular disorders etc. that are treated with the help of acupuncture.

Acupuncture for pregnancy is best both for the baby and the mother. It is recommended once a month for the mother. It is suggested for both the mother and the baby at all the different stages. In the last stages of the pregnancy it is optional that the mother takes this treatment once a week to help her get ready for the upcoming child birth. It makes the mother safe against pain, anxiety and mental tension which are very harmful for the life of the mother at the time birth. Since a drastic change in the life of the mother is about to take place it is obvious for the mother to be apprehensive and anxious. This helps her to relax and regain her inner strength. Sometimes women complain of digestive disorders during all the stages of pregnancy. These uncomfortable situations can be well treated with the help of acupressure.

In Sydney there are many beauty clinics that offer this service to their clients but it is advised to choose very carefully. Since every individual is different this therapy believes in treating every individual as a whole.

An Introduction to Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal Healing Therapy is performed with crystals which are positioned in various ways on the body. The body is divided in specific areas, also known as chakras on which the crystals are placed.

The body is divided into seven major chakras besides which there are several minor chakras as well. The minor chakras are also known as meridians. Each chakra on the body has a specific task to perform in keeping the body, mind and soul in perfect unity for a balanced lifestyle.

Crystal healing was a process that was used in the Eastern cultures since the ancient times. Of late, the art of crystal healing has made its way into the western culture as well. It would not be a matter of surprise if Crystal Healing evolves as one of the major Alternative therapies Australia.

Beginning the Crystal Healing Therapy

The crystal healing therapy can be performed on the person only if she or he is relaxed, calm and clear headed. It should also be noted that there should not be any outside disturbances and noises in the area. The subject should try breathing exercises to calm. It is also suggested that you should eat something before the commencement of the therapy session to maintain equilibrium.

Different Crystal Healing Options and Their Benefits

A number of crystals and gemstones are used for crystal healing therapies. Each gemstone or crystal is beneficial in a different way. These days, healing crystal Jewellery is also available in the market. You would just require to purchase and wear it throughout the day or in specific period of the day to benefit from it.

Some of the problems that are known to be treated with Crystal Healing Therapy are the following:

1. Headaches: Amethyst unleashes the blocked energy. Amethyst is placed on the forehead and around the neck over the collar bone.

2. Insomnia: Use of Chrysoprase under the pillow makes it easier for the people to get sleep. Citrine is helpful for those who cannot sleep because of stress and anxiety. If disturbances in the sleep are experienced labrodite and tourmaline might be useful.

3. Lethargy: People suffering from lack of energy for no reason can benefit from rubies, ambers as well as jasper. The person has to lie with the crystals in hand.

4. Depression: Kuznite frees from the emotional baggage while Rose Quartz is helpful in calming the person.

Physical Therapy Then and Now

PhysicalTherapy is a practice that has been around longer than most people think. In fact, ancient history depicts sports therapy type treatment and exercising as an injury preventive measure going as far back as the times of gladiators. Since then, physicaltherapy is a broad term that encompases many specialized practices. Long before physical therapy was split up into divisions like sports therapy and geriatric therapy, it was barely recognized medically. The earliest documented case of physicaltherapy as a professional group, however, dates back to the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics in 1813.

Per Henrik Ling, known as “the Father of Swedish Gymnastics,” used massage, manipulation, and exercise to heal and prevent injuries among gymnasts. Sweden, a pioneering country for physicaltherapy, granted physical therapists official registration by their National Board of Health and Welfare in 1887. Since then, physicaltherapy has been embraced globally as a viable means of rehabilitating physical impairments caused by injury. There are now many branches of physicaltherapy such as geriatric, orthopedic, and athletic physicaltherapy to name a few.

While Sweden took the first big step for physicaltherapy, the next major move for the practice was not until the end of the 19th century. Britain modernized the practice, and American orthopedic surgeons soon followed suit. They began treating children with physical disabilities, and training women in physical education, massage, and exercises techniques. Physicaltherapy played a large role in World War I. Women were recruited to use their expertise in physicaltherapy to treat wounded soldiers who needed aid in restoring physical function after injury. World War I inspired the first school of physicaltherapy as well. It was called the Walter Reed Army Hospital, and trained people in what they called “reconstruction aide.”

Nowadays, the newest division of physicaltherapy is sports rehabilitation. Sports, especially in America, are such a huge part of the culture that the need for a specialized form of therapy to prevent and aid in sports related injuries has been brought to the forefront. Sports therapy is still developing and growing in popularity, but it has already become widely accepted as an effective form of rehabilitating muscular and joint impairments from traumatic injuries. Innovative surgeries and exercising techniques have athletes returning from injuries that used to be career ending affairs. With sports therapy, athletes can now have confidence that they will return to their sports at a high level, even after suffering from ACL injuries or Tommy John Surgery.

Sports therapy has become such a popular form of physicaltherapy that most major sports teams have their own therapists that travel with the team. But sports therapy is not only for injured athletes. People of all ages and physical ability have benefited from the healing qualities of sports therapy. In fact, some techniques used in sports therapy heal more than just the body. Recently, sports therapy has incorporated pain relieving techniques to cater to the mental stability of recovering athletes. When combined with prescribed exercise at sports therapy sessions, athletes and nonathletes alike have been found to heal even faster.

Cure Your Pains With Islamic Medicine

There are many therapies that are present to cure different body pains but being a Muslim one should try to find Islamic remedies to cure his pains. There are many treatments that have been used by Muslims and are very useful, Hijama cupping therapy is one of those and has widely been used to cure body pains. This is a very effective and safe method to clean blood inside the body and in result it brings relief in many body pains. Improving blood circulation is very effective, it is a good way to ease down many diseases and Hijama cupping therapy uses the same method to wipe out many diseases and pains out of the body.

To ensure that you are healthy, you have to keep your blood clean and there is no better option than to use an Islamic medicine to achieve the purpose. There is a limited tendency present in our body to clean the blood, therefore when a foreign particle starts to infect our blood; it becomes difficult for our defensive mechanism to fight against that foreign particle all the time and it becomes very important to apply some significant measures to ensure proper health.

Usually as people reach and cross the age of 40 years, they start getting different chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol problems and other heart diseases, all of these diseases have direct relation to blood and its circulation and it shows the importance of the requirement of cleansing of blood. This is the right age to start getting the Islamic medicine, to prevent you from any harmful disease that can even take your life.

There are many examples in our daily life that different diseases are present that can easily be cured by using Hijama cupping therapy- the Islamic medicine. Prevention is better than cure and if you are not suffering from any such diseases and you want to keep yourself healthy and fit for always, you should take a regular checkup and should do all the relevant exercises. Hijama cupping therapy is also essential for the cleansing of your blood and if you will take this therapy as a regular measure then most likely you would be safe from and diseases related to blood and its circulation. There are many benefits of Islamic medicine and with the help of Hijama cupping therapy, you can make your future life safe and secure.

Hijama cupping therapy has been used by ancient people and after Islam; it is extensively used by different Muslims to cure their different diseases. It is a successful method to cure your blood related problems, there are mainly two methods that are used in this cupping technique’ one is dry method and the other is wet cupping therapy. Both have different objectives and different mechanisms to perform the therapy. In wet therapy, incision of skin is involved; however no incision is involved when you perform dry cupping therapy. Both the techniques are very helpful when talking about the cleansing of blood through cupping. .